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Board of Directors
Board of Director

The Board of Directors ensures that the Foundation’s goals are achieved by taking all the necessary measures. It is entrusted with:

  • Ensuring the Foundation’s goals are observed
  • Enacting the general principles as well as additional provisions as necessary for the Foundation’s activities
  • Establishing and evaluating the annual action programme
  • Managing the budget

Members of the Board of Directors:

Scientific and Technical Committee
Scientific and Technical Committee

The Scientific and Technical Committee ensures that the Foundation’s projects are substantial and well observed. The Com receives and selects all projects to be supported by the Foundation. It is entrusted with:

  • Ensuring scientific and technical monitoring in conjunction with the Foundation's network of partners
  • Examining proposals and taking part in the project selection process
  • Organising leadership processes for project managers and project evaluations

Members of the Scientific and Technical Committee:

Executive Board

The Foundation has an Executive Board composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer and two Administrators nominated by the Board of Directors. The purpose of the Executive Board is to supervise the Foundation’s activities. It administers day-to-day business and implements the decisions of the Board of Directors.

Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission guarantees that all activities of the Foundation are in accordance to its founding values and ethical requirements.
This Commission is presided by Mr Jean-François Landwerlin.

Members of the Ethics Commission:

  • Mr Jean-François LANDWERLIN - France
  • Pr Tullio SCOVAZZI - Italy
  • Mr Sálvano BRICEÑO - Venezuela
  • H.E Mrs Isabelle BERRO-AMADEI - Monaco
Development committee

The Development Committee helps to raise the financial resources needed to implement the Foundation’s action plan and to ensure its financial sustainability.

Members of the Development Committee:

  • H.E. Mrs Evelyne GENTA
  • Mrs Jacqueline DEROMEDI
  • Mr Maurizio CODURRI
  • Mr Leo HWANG
  • Mr Thierry VANDEVELDE
Organigram of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
Organigram of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

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